TOTS CLASS | Walking to 3 years old

A Tot Class involves preschoolers in a 40-minute class each week at the same time. Guess what Mom and Dad? You get to follow that little munchkin around while they do activities such as trampoline, climbing, tumbling and walking on the balance beam. While we work on traditional gymnastics skills, the emphasis is about activity, motor development, bonding with mom and dad and having fun. The class is approached in a very upbeat fashion, allowing the child to develop a positive attitude toward movement.

KINDERGYM | 3-5 years old

A Kindergym class involves preschoolers in a 50-minute class each week at the same time. The class starts with a warm-up to music, stretching, body positions and a few static positions used in gymnastics. They move onto the first skill teaching station such as bars, balance beam, trampoline or our mini wall climbing and slide. We try to get to 2 or 3 stations per class. Each class ends with some type of fun activity, such as “animal action” or “build a house”.


At this age boys and girls are separated. This facilitates learning, since boys and girls have different events. The class is one hour long, each week at the same time. The class begins with a 5-7 minute stretch and warm-up. They then spend time training on 2 or 3 events such as balance beam, floor exercise (tumbling), uneven bars, vault for girls and pommel horse, high bar, floor exercise, parallel bars, vault for boys. Each class engages in a small amount of conditioning.


This class is identical to the pre-progressive class, except the kids are older and working with others close to their age. A beginning 5 year old will be working the same skills as a beginning 8 year old, but with kids their own age.