Any student who has continuous enrollment in our gymnastics program for a year will receive a participation trophy at a special trophy night ceremony. They will receive larger trophies for each subsequent year of enrollment. Trophy ceremonies are held quarterly at the gym.


This is an annual recital program held at our Salida facility for all students, tots through older progressive girls and boys. Students will have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience of family and friends and receive ribbons and a medal.


Tot and Kindergym parents are invited to participate in class with their child during a special week in February. Young gymnasts get to show their parents how to do gymnastics! Parents need to come to class dressed and ready to participate.


Every 6-8 weeks a “Skill Check-Off Week” is scheduled. For every skill that a student “passes” the skill is “checked-off” on his corresponding skill card. The following week each student will be given stickers to place on their skill poster for each skill passed. After students complete their level, they get to ring the bell, are awarded a Certificate of Achievement and have their picture taken with their coach. They are then ready to move on to the next level.


Each student currently enrolled in our program is encouraged to invite a friend to come and do a gymnastics class with them during a special week. Each gymnast is allowed to invite one friend not currently enrolled in our program, who is the same gender and similar age. A liability release must be signed by their parent in order for them to participate.


Students are encouraged to wear their Halloween costume over their leotard when they come to class during this week-long celebration in October. Class pictures are taken in costume, students remove the costumes and then get ready for a day of games and special gymnastics activities. Every student is asked to bring a SMALL treat to contribute to the community party table.