100% money-back guarantee on tuition and  annual registration/membership fee

If after your child’s first 30 days you are not satisfied with our program, we will cheerfully refund the tuition and registration charges you paid upon enrollment.


Annual trophy

Any student who has continuous enrollment in our gymnastics program for a year will receive a participation trophy at a special trophy day ceremony. They will receive larger trophies for each subsequent year of enrollment.



Through participation in our annual Gymfest, students have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience of family and friends. We believe this experience builds character in children and provides goals and incentives for excellence and hard work. Our Gymfest is conducted in the spring (April/May). Please refer to our “Calendar of Events” for the scheduled date.


Poster Reward Program

Our poster reward program has been developed to provide our students (ages 3 and up) with incentives and rewards for learning new skills. It also provides parents with a tool to monitor the progress of their child.

Students receive a poster for their level in our curriculum. Each poster corresponds to skill cards used by our instructors. A “Skill Check-Off Week” is done about every six weeks. For every skill that a student “passes” the skill is “checked-off” on his corresponding skills card. The following week each student will be notified of what skills they passed and given stickers to place on their poster.

After students complete their level, they are awarded a Certificate of Achievement and have their picture taken with their coach. The picture is placed on our Facebook page and they move on to the next level.


Referral Policy

We like to show our appreciation to our friends and families for their commitment by giving Tuition Gift Certificate. Each time you tell someone about GYMNASTICS UNLIMITED, and they enroll in our program, you will receive a $10.00 gift certificate.


Gymnastics Unlimited



Monthly Tuition

Monthly tuition is due on the first of each month. Accounts not paid in full by the 10th of the month will incur a $15.00 late fee per child. Payments may be mailed directly to the gym, dropped in the payment box, paid in the gym office or online through our customer portal (GymUnlimitedInc.com). We accept Cash, Check or Credit cards. Monthly statements are sent by email, we do not provide paper billing reminders.


Automatic Payment of Monthly Tuition

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering an easier, safer alternative for paying your monthly tuition, Automatic Bill Pay! By setting this up on your account you are guaranteed to always get your payment in on time and avoid a $15.00 late charge. You may set this up at any time in the gym office.


Make-up Classes

We offer ONE (1) MAKE-UP CLASS PER MONTH per student. The balance on your account must be current to schedule a MU class. To schedule a class, login to our customer portal at GymUnlimitedInc.com


Drop Policy

A 30 DAY WRITTEN DROP NOTICE IS REQUIRED FROM EVERYONE…NO EXCEPTIONS-SO PLEASE DON’T ASK.  An oral drop notice is not acceptable! Drop notice forms are available in the office or may be done electronically on our website: GymUnlimitedInc.com


General Rules and Guidelines

  1. Gymnasts are encouraged to wear leotards, t-shirts and shorts/sweatpants. No zippers or belts.
  2. All long hair must be pulled back in a ponytail, off the face.
  4. Parents are not allowed in the gym (other than Parent/Tot classes.) You are welcome to watch classes from the designated viewing areas.
  5. Please do not leave young children unattended in the parent lobby.
  6. Please be on time when picking up your child from class.