“Skills Check-Off” Testing and Focus Skills

As I write, the coaches are preparing the kids for “Skills Check-Off” week. Soon, they will be checking off the skills that their students have mastered. I think we all realize how important the testing is to the development of skills in class. Seeing concrete evidence of a child’s success helps us to build a positive self-esteem for each child. While most of you are aware of what “Skills Check-Off” week is about, you might not be aware of the terms “Focus Skills” and “Progressive Skills”. Never heard of them you say…well let me enlighten thee!
“Focus Skills” are skills that we believe the students can realistically acquire during the time allotted before the next testing period. “Progressive skills” are those skills that take much longer to learn. We want to make sure that in an effort to get the kids to pass skills that we don’t neglect the progressions leading up to the difficult skills. I’m sure that many of you are saying, “That’s nice, but why are you telling me this?” I have my reasons of course. The identification of skills will assist those parents who want to encourage their child to practice at home. Please ask your child’s instructor to determine which skills are the focus skills for the next six weeks.

Concerning Past Due Tuition

Customers carrying “Past Due” balances are becoming a problem for us. You have a “Past Due” balance when, (For example), we are currently in the month of December and you still have not paid for November. Remember, tuition is due on or before the 1st of each new month! When we send out your bill for January, and November tuition is still owed, you will receive a letter demanding payment within 10 days of receipt of the letter. If payment is not received in the allotted time or if payment arrangements have not been made, you will receive a 2nd letter letting you know that your child has been dropped from class and that your account has gone to collections. It saddens me to have to take these steps, however it is out of necessity in order to run my business.

Concerning Our Make-Up Policy and Your Tuition

Just a little reminder…We allow one make-up lesson per child per month. Please keep in mind that we will no longer schedule make-ups for any customer unless their account is CURRENT! This rule can be found in the “Policies and Procedures” section of our information handbook. The logic behind this decision rests in the concept of “Why would we allow someone to make up a class that has not yet been paid for?” With this is mind, it seems an appropriate time to mention that your TUITION IS DUE ON OR BEFORE THE 1ST OF EACH MONTH! Remember, you are supposed to pay at the beginning of each new month…not after the month is over.

Concerning our 30 Day Drop Policy

This is just a reminder to reinforce the importance and necessity of a 30 DAY WRITTEN DROP NOTICE should you decide to stop gymnastics for your child. For example; if you were to submit a “written” drop notice to us on December 15th, you would be responsible to pay for 30 days from the receipt of notice. In other words, you would pay up to January 15th . We would prorate the month of January for you. Now, when I say written, I mean written! Telling your child’s teacher, leaving a message on the phone, or even just mentioning to the front office that you’re going to drop does not work. If we don’t receive a written notice, you will be continually charged. If you don’t pay, your account goes to collections!

R U L E S…

Oh, not again you say! But wait, this is just a simple little review as sometimes we tend to lapse just a bit. As we all know, RULES are necessary and important and our lives go a lot smoother when they are followed. So here we go… PLEASE make sure the kids have their hair pulled back while in class. This is an easy one. We will even give you a hair tie if indeed you forget! All you gotta do is ask.


The next request on my hit list pertains to the lethal substance…AKA…GUM. Do you realize what gum does to a gym when not in your child’s mouth? Oh, the thought makes me shudder! And how can a child chew gum and do gymnastics skills at the same time? Okay, so your child is exceptional…but PLEASE NO GUM!!!


Now doesn’t this all seam reasonable thus far? The next one is a teeny bit tricky, but if it’s not followed, along come BIG, MONUMENTAL PROBLEMS! We know how difficult it is to refrain from speaking to your child and giving him instruction from the lobby. Especially when you feel he is not with the program. However, we send our children mixed messages if we tell them to pay attention to the teacher and then immediately bark out a command from the lobby. Now, they are befuddled…Should they pay attention to the teacher or listen to Mom and Dad?
If there is a disciplinary problem with your child, it’s best to meet with the teacher and plan a strategy to deal with the problem in class. If you were teaching and someone treated you in that manner, I am certain that you would consider it intrusive and rude. PLEASE HELP US HERE!