Homeschool Classes

Gymnastics Program

We offer a special gymnastics program for home school students. Classes are 55 minutes long, once a week during the school year. The homeschool gymnastics class is a unique blend of physical fitness and gymnastics with a focus on movement, coordination and social interaction. This class provides a well-rounded approach to staying active and having fun in a homeschool environment. This is a coed class for boys and girls 5-18 years old during the day.

Other class opportunities available for homeschool students include evening girls or boys gymnastics classes. These classes are also 55 minutes long but focus more on developing gymnastics skills. Ninja classes are a combination of gymnastics, karate, freestyle movement and obstacle course training. This 50 minute class is available for students 5-11 years old.

Contact the gym for information and to enroll. (209) 669-8712.